Java Telnet v1.0.0

I've released this to the world because as far as I know no one has released a free Telnet protocol handler for Java(in the LGPL sense). NACSE has WebTerm but it requires a licensing agreement for commercial use. If you need telnet for a non-commercial use it might be the way to go. JTA is another good telnet which has also tried to separate the telnet protocol handler from the telnet client. But it is under the GPL license so you can not use it in commercial software. There are also commercial java based telnet programs in the world, but they usually don't let you at the source code for a reasonable fee.

I wrote this in '96 to support jTelnet for JavaPad, I've documented it an cleaned up the interface a bit. The original telnet is still included as, and a simpler is also there as a guide to using the library. I previously released this on my personal web page as Thor Telnet. But I've renamed it back to the more descriptive "Java Telnet" for the sourceforge release.

The VT100Telnet and telnet example applications are not intended to be full featured. The original Telnet RFC is implemented, plus some of the more commonly used extensions, enough to login to Sun, AIX, IRIX and Linux systems. Anything else and you might need another extension, the library is clean and there is a mechanism for getting callbacks on extension requests so you could look them up and implement them if you need them.

To run type: java -cp jtelnet.jar [hostname]

-- Daniel Thor Kristjansson (5/20/2003)